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Reduce the TCO of your WAN!

Analyst White Paper
By Dan Conde, ESG Research

Traditional WAN designs are expensive, complex, and lack cloud application performance. Software-Defined WAN is transforming traditional MPLS-based networks into architectures that deliver performance, simplicity, and optimal access to on-premise applications and cloud services.

Learn how these benefits, along with other unique attributes of SD-WAN, combine to produce a higher return on investment than an MPLS-only or traditional hybrid WAN deployment.

Read this White Paper by Dan Conde, analyst at ESG, to learn:

  • Comparisons of MPLS vs Hybrid vs Internet-only costs
  • Recommendations to reduce the TCO of wide area networks
  • Steps to make a transition to SD-WAN

Dan Conde

Dan Conde

Dan is an analyst covering enterprise networking technologies including software-defined networking, network virtualization, data center and campus networking, WAN optimization, network monitoring & management and storage networking. His experience in product management, marketing, professional services and software development provide a broad view into the needs of vendors and end-users.

Acclaim for VeloCloud

Begin quotationVeloCloud’s solution transforms WAN networking by leveraging the economics of the Internet, the architecture of the cloud and the virtualization of network appliances. This is beneficial for any enterprise and absolutely the right direction for the migration of data centers.End quotation

The Coca-Cola Company

— Alan Boehme, Chief Architect, The Coca-Cola Company

Begin quotationMetTel consistently strives to provide our customers with more flexible, secure, simplifying and cost saving solutions, and we believe that VeloCloud’s offering is highly compatible with our mission.End quotation


—Marshall Aronow, CEO, MetTel

Begin quotationVeloCloud delivered a rich feature set and worked better than the other two solutions we tried. It’s so brilliantly designed that our proof of concept took only 30 minutes from the time we unwrapped the boxes. It didn’t take long to realize what a great solution it is.End quotation


— Aaron Gabrielson, Senior Project Manager, Redmond